Soul of Santa

The Soul of Santa represents the presence of a strong, faithful, cheerful man, Tucker Lott, whose family was rich in faith and the tradition of giving. The Soul of Santa Christmas Cards capture the spirit and love of the Christian holiday to bring heart-warming memories to families for generations to come. The Soul of Santa is Christmas in "Color".

The vision for "The Soul of Santa" came to Tucker in 1997 as a divine inspiration. Tucker had been a born-again Christian for over 20 years by then, but the real impact of God's message to him didn't really sink in until a few years ago.

The objective with The Soul of Santa is to bring him to life in the African American household, through expressions of faith, giving hope to those who feel hope has abandoned them. The Soul of Santa character represents the new image of a modern day Santa. He is designed to reach not only the African American buyer, but everyone that believes in the spirit of giving. He is a symbol of the hope and faith that will capture the hearts of everyone during the Christmas season because of who he is and what he represents. There will be a strong focus on religion.

Gift-giving is a universal idea. The Soul of Santa represents a spirit of giving from the heart and soul, with no expectation of receiving. Giving begins with him and ends with you, the believer. It's really not about who we are, but who we should be like, and that person is Jesus Christ. It's a blessing to give and if for some reason you have nothing to give, give of yourself. We are required to "Be A Cheerful Giver" Christ is our model. Give to others, pray for others, mentor to others, don't be selfish and spread love throughout the universe. That is the "Soul of Santa" in you.

In each Soul of Santa design is a message most African Americans can relate to. It's not about those who have; it's about the "have-nots". As a child, many of us got used or recycled toys from the Good Will or Salvation Army, which ever agency helped the needy that Christmas. The Christmas tree came after the stores closed on Christmas Eve. It may not have looked the best but who could even afford to pay half price, let alone full price? Still, you were happy because you had each other.

That's what The Soul of Santa represents, the spirit of the holiday for people like us as African Americans. He is not like the Santa we were taught to celebrate, he's the Santa that comes from within. He looks like we'd expect our Santa to look, he is black. He does what we think our Santa would want to do when he passes through a home like ours. Instead of the traditional cookies and milk, he eats fried chicken and greens. "Now that's a Soulful Christmas". This home defines how this character develops. He's endearing to our community. He is one of us, but sent from above. He is spiritual but he is a man, one who is in touch with our daily lives. He is our hope for the holidays.

That's why The Soul of Santa is so important. It separates us from the rest of the world while joining us to the rest of mankind. Every culture has its own distinct set of values. The Soul of Santa identifies how we tie religion into Christmas while keeping our own identity. The Soul of Santa is the vehicle by which we can get our word out to all; come and share in our life based on how we experience life. That's how you learn about our culture. That's how you learn about "us".

The Soul of Santa was developed as a market brand, beginning with cards and merchandise. The message to the market is that The Soul of Santa begins as a character and that character has an extended family; The Soul of Santa, Mrs. Santa, the elves, the reindeer, etc, etc.

Then the character becomes part of everyone's family. He eats with us and "He Prays With us". He shares with us and he cares for us; "My Santa's Heart is Full", even if his bag is empty. He becomes a part of us, the part that represents hope. He looks like us and has feelings like we have. He becomes the heart and soul of our community, the same way Saint Nick has become that for the white community. The mere idea of giving without expectations is captured in the image of a little boy pulling a wagon full of gifts; "Give and it will come back to you...overflowing!" Luke 6:38.

Tucker wishes the Soul of Santa will become the standard for the African American Christmas Holiday celebration. In order to achieve that status, the Santa must be different, and he must capture the essence of the holiday. He must bring his family into your home. He must become a part of your tradition for celebrating the birth of Christ.

To achieve this goal, fifty percent of the designs carry a faith message. The others will simply embody the spirit of the season in other thought provoking ways. Each design has the opportunity to become a tree ornament or keepsake.

The Soul of Santa can also become a collector's item. The Soul of Santa will become an experience that starts with a front door banner. He is there to greet everyone who enters the home. Various other designs can be spotlighted throughout the yard and the home in various forms.

Last, but not least, The Soul of Santa is "cool". In his spare time he "steps". Stepping, as you know, has universal appeal. But in our community, stepping is king! When The Soul of Santa meets Madea, the audience will see them "'Steppin' into the Holidays". How better to bring home the point. Even Madea embraces The Soul of Santa...and you can imagine the rest of that story!

All in all, the Soul of Santa embodies the heart and soul of the African American Christmas. It reminds us that Santa represents the spirit of the giver, who gives from the heart and soul, not expecting to get anything in return.

We cannot always buy all the material gifts we might want to give, but we can give of ourselves. We can share our love of God and his son Jesus Christ. We can share our joy in our family and friends. We can share the traditions that we have inherited and that we celebrate each year. Bring the Soul of Santa into your Christmas this year!

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