The Meanings of Dark Red Roses

Dark red roses represent unconscious beauty. They are a bold expression of love, and yet they are captivating and enigmatic. Dark red roses have the aura of mystery though they leave virtually nothing unsaid.

There are those who believe in never expressing desire except by giving a bouquet of dark red roses to the person they fancy.

And there are those, who present their paramours with them even if they have been in a relationship with them for years, simply to profess deep passion and the great longing. Even a single dark red rose can sometimes take an interaction to the level of a relationship. But a bouquet almost always has that effect.

Many couples find it hard to express their readiness for a long-term commitment. For them, dark red roses say it all. The deep color symbolizes intense feelings and helps them overcome barriers that they face while communicating. The dark red roses give them the joy of saying something they are yearning to say but just don't find the right words for.

Some people who are just dating know that they don't need a long courtship to move into a relationship after only a few meetings. Yet, they hesitate before expressing themselves. They are afraid that they might be misconstrued though they know they won't be misconstrued. They imagine barriers when none exist and they know it.

In such predicaments, dark red roses dissolve unwarranted fears in an instant. They let couples express their love and desire, allowing them to acknowledge the depth of their emotions without letting them fall a prey to pre-set notions of what is perfect timing and what is not. Send her dark red roses when you want to tell her she's beautiful, but don't want to go so far as to say you're "in love" with her.

Dark red roses speak of a beauty past its prime, a passion that has lost its warmth, and a love that is quickly dying off. A dark crimson rose that almost borders on black is indicative of mourning and sadness. There are also people who know that they can be together only briefly. They have pressures that can't keep them together. Yet, they have intense feelings for one another and know that though they can't be together, their feelings can never die.

The sadness in their love, and its inevitability, find expression in dark red roses. They part with dark red roses, stating their love indelibly, and sometimes even send each other red roses to express how much they cherish it even after they are no longer together.

Dark red roses carry as much pleasure with it as they do pain. It is profound, not just in its appearance but also in its impact. And, it is uncompromising in every way. It speaks without pausing, but is undeniably the most eloquent proponent of passion.

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