Wooden Roses

Everlasting Wooden Roses, Everlasting Love

Our wooden roses are authentic hand-crafted using quality wood, with particular attention to detail, that creates a truly unique real looking rose that will last a life time. They are handcrafted with particular attention to detail, and put together piece by piece, petal by petal.

Petals are made from birch wood, leaves are made of fiber and stems are constructed from a flexible wire and wrapped with a green floral wrapper to complete this beautiful creation. These beautiful flowers look so life like you have to feel them to tell the difference from a real rose.

Add a drop or two of our rose oil fragrance and they even smell real! They are virtually care-free. They never need water and they will not wilt after a few days. If they get dusty, just mist lightly with water and use a blow dryer on them. It's best to keep your roses out of direct sunlight as this will cause the color to fade over time. Outdoor use will greatly reduce the life of these roses, so use caution in using them outdoors.

We have 2 different styles: Bud and Half Blooming

For Bud style, we have 56 color options. For Half Blooming style, we have 7 color options. (To find out meanings of different rose colors, please go to Rose Color Meanings for more information.)

Styles Bud and Half Blooming
Specifications for Bud The rosebud measures are approximately 2" x 1" with an 11" flexible stem
Specifications for Half Blooming The half open wooden roses are 2 inch high x 1.5 inch wide. Stem length on the half open wood rose is 11 inches.

There are 4 benefits of buying our wooden roses:

1. Best gifts to show your everlasting love! Our wooden roses look like real roses and smell like real roses, but they can last for a very long time.

2. Unique gifts to give your loved ones a big surprise! Who can image these true-to-life roses are made of wood!

3. Multiple usages! You can use these wooden roses as a gift, for holidays, home/office decorations, weddings, parties, get well & sympathy, hospital visits, birthdays & baby gifts, business promotions & marketing, school/club funding raising, or any occasion that calls for beautiful flowers that will never die.

4. Reasonable prices for 100% hand-crafted artwork. You cannot find better deals than ours.

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